Frequently Asked Questions

See our Frequently Asked Questions below. Still have a question? Please email our Customer Care Team at

Q. What is the best way to contact you if I have a question?

A. We are always here to assist you. Feel free to call our office at 1-800-515-6207. Or, for the absolute fastest response, email our Customer Care Team at

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Q. How much can I earn daily with the program?

A. Your commissions with the Automation Riches program are as follows:

Every time we close a sale for you, the prospect will send you a commission of $500, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000. These cash commissions will come directly to you by FedEx Overnight Mail.

As you can imagine, these jumbo-sized commissions make it incredibly easy to earn a sizable daily (and monthly) income. As an example, just one $1,000 commission each day means $30,000 per month in profits.

However, with our most popular level to start on being Level 4 ($3,000), we have members who easily rake in $50,000 to $80,000 every single month. Remember, the higher the level you enroll at, the more your daily and monthly earnings will be.

Our Level 8 VIP Members earn the most, since they are qualified to earn on all 8 levels. Just one or two Level 8 commissions ($20,000) per month is all you need to earn $20,000-$40,000 monthly. And this happens quite easily with our trained professionals closing all your sales.

Here are the 4 simple steps-to-success:

Step 1: Once you have enrolled, we will assign you a unique “Referral ID Number.” When the recommended mailing house sends out our tested and proven sales material on your behalf, your “Referral ID Number” will be on them.

Step 2: When your prospects visit this website, they will immediately enter your unique Referral ID Number, which allows us to easily track sales.

Step 3: Every time we close a sale for you, the cash commissions of $500, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 and $20,000 will come directly to your mailbox.

Step 4: After you get your first commission, the residual income feature kicks in automatically, meaning that you’ll continue to get giant recurring commissions with no additional effort on your part. This residual income happens because of the 1Ups, Upgrades and Overrides, which are explained below.

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Q. How will I continue to earn an automatic residual income?

A. Your automatic residual income streams happen 3 different ways (explained below):

1. The 1Up residual income feature ensures that each of your enrollments must pass up their first sale on each level to you. And then, each of “these” enrollments must also do the same. This process goes on and on, forever. Think about it… You’ll continue to get the very 1st enrollment on each level of everyone who comes in under your Referral ID Number. And then you’ll get their first enrollment on each level, and then their first enrollment on each level, and then their first enrollment on each level. And this happens over and over again for infinity. Your income cannot stop with the way this is designed. This is how true and lasting wealth is created..

2. The Overrides feature ensures that when anyone under you gets an enrollment at a higher level that they are qualified, you automatically get the commission. For example: You are a Qualified Level 4 Member ($3,000). One of your enrollments (Bill) is only a Qualified Level 3 Member ($2,000). Bill gets a Level 4 enrollment for $3,000. Well, because Bill is only qualified to get Level 3 enrollments, YOU get the $3,000 commission. Bill now regrets that he missed out on that $3,000 because he had not upgraded to that Level, and so he immediately upgrades to stop it from happening again. And of course, that means even more cash profits in your pocket because of…

3. The Upgrades feature ensures that whenever someone under you upgrades, you get the difference. For example, when someone under you upgrades from Level 3 ($2,000) to Level 4 ($3,000), you immediately get the difference ($1,000). You just have to be enrolled at that particular Level. Otherwise, it “rolls up” to your Sponsor or the next qualified person in your Upline. In other words, the higher the level you’re enrolled at, the more money you’ll be making on a daily basis. This is one of the main advantages of being a Level 8 VIP Member ($20,000) since you’ll never miss out on any commissions, and will always be receiving override commissions from multiple levels.

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Q. I see that I can make the most money by being enrolled at one of the higher levels. How does this work?

A. Regardless of what Level you start at, you can still earn a sizable daily income. However, the higher the level you join at, the more you’ll immediately begin earning in upfront cash profits and lifelong residual income. Remember, the amount you earn on each of the sales we close for you depends on what Level you’re enrolled at.

Each of the 8 Levels pays a different commission. Level 1 pays $500, Level 2 pays $1,000, Level 3 pays $2,000, Level 4 pays $3,000, Level 5 pays $5,000, Level 6 pays $10,000, Level 7 pays $15,000 and Level 8 pays a whopping $20,000.

Whenever your prospects join at a lower Level (or at the same Level) that you are enrolled at, you will earn the exact commission that the Level pays. However, whenever your prospects join at a higher Level than you’re enrolled at, that commission will go to your Sponsor, or the next qualified person in your Upline. Another way of saying all this is that you are only eligible to earn up to the level you’re enrolled at.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you are enrolled at Level 4 (the $3,000 Level). This means that you are qualified to earn up to $3,000 on each sale. When your prospects join at Level 4, you’ll get the $3,000 commissions. But when they join at a higher Level, let’s say Level 5 ($5,000), then your Sponsor would get the commission, as long as they are qualified at that level.

Otherwise, the next qualified person in your Upline would get it. The program was “structured” like this to ensure each person upgrades to the highest level possible. You will find that this unique design fully maximizes your income in the long term.

This explains why it is a major advantage when you are enrolled at one of the higher levels. Now of course, not everyone can afford to start out at Level 7 or Level 8. But that’s okay. The most important thing is for you to just get started. Enroll at the Level that is most comfortable for you, knowing that you’ll still be receiving commissions on every sale we close for you on that level.

You can always upgrade once your profits are rolling in, which happens very quickly. In a very short period of time, you’ll be at Level 8, which means you’ll never miss out on any commissions, and will always be receiving “override” and “upgrade” commissions from multiple levels.

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Q. I can only afford to start at Level 1 or 2. When I want to upgrade to a higher level, how much do I pay?

A. Let’s say you start by enrolling at Level 2 ($1,000). You begin earning profits and then want to upgrade to Level 4 ($3,000). You will just pay the difference of the amount, which is $2,000. This works the same way when upgrading to any level.

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Q. What is the best and fastest way to get started making money with the program?

A. We’ve partnered with a reliable mailing house that handles all the work for our members. This means that you will never be responsible for mailing anything. There are no ads to run, no websites to put up, and no Internet advertising to hassle with.

You can have as few as 500, or as many as 10,000 sent out at one time. You’ll be provided with your own “Referral ID Number.” This personal ID Number will be placed on any advertising that goes out on your behalf. This will always ensure that you get the proper credit when prospects visit this website and enroll.

Remember, our trained staff members close 100% of the sales for you. So there is nothing for you to do but sit back and collect the giant cash commissions.

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Q. What makes this different from all the other money-making programs and business opportunities that exist today?

A. Well, there are three main requirements to creating real wealth as an entrepreneur: First, you must be able to make a profit big enough to stay in business. And two, you need a residual income so that you continue to earn money well into the future from your initial efforts in growing the business. And three, you must have a “system” that easily allows the first two requirements to happen.

We’ve designed the Automation Riches program to deliver all of these things in one simple program. There’s just no way an entrepreneur can earn real money promoting cheap products and services for $20, $30, and $50. The only way to bring in the massive profits sought after by so many home business owners is to make big-ticket commissions.

For example, with a $20 profit, it takes a whopping 500 sales to earn a $10,000 per month income. But with a $1,000 profit, it takes just 10. With the Automation Riches program, you have a turnkey direct sales program, paying you big-ticket commissions of $500 to $20,000 each time a product package is sold. And since everything is 100% duplicable, we have ordinary people who are making life-changing incomes.

Most importantly, we have solved the problem that 98% of people in the home business industry hate… selling! No longer do you have to be a sales person to earn a 5-figure monthly income. No longer do you need to call people, explain things and answer questions. No longer do you need to create a website, deal with confusing back-offices, or get on time-consuming conference calls. No longer do you need to “feel around in the dark,” trying to figure out what to do next.

Our program gets rid of all the obstacles and makes it a “level” playing field for everyone. All someone does is enroll and have all the work done for them, which is what the average person wants anyway.

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Q. Will you help me with all aspects of my new business?

A. Yes. Remember, our trained staff does all the heavy lifting. We close all your sales so that everything is 100% done-for-you. Our company’s proven 6-year track record speaks for itself. Our business model and system is creating more success stories than any other opportunity that exits today.

As a new member, our goal is to start by closing at least one or two Level 4 sales ($3,000) for you each week. This means, at minimum, you’ll earn $3,000 – $6,000 each week. That’s $12,000 – $24,000 a month. It is also very easy to receive a few Level 7 ($15,000) and Level 8 ($20,000) commissions, as you will always have a certain percentage of prospects that enroll at the higher levels.

In addition, the digital product package you’ll get provides you with the very best how-to information in the industry. Everything you need to be wildly successful with the Automation Riches program is included.

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Q. Will you show me how to copy exactly what the top earners are doing to be successful?

A. Yes. You’re not “reinventing the wheel” with this program. You are simply plugging into a turnkey and completely automated marketing system that works every time it is applied. You will be doing exactly what our top-level income earners are doing, which allows you to get their same results.

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Q. I’ve lost a lot of money in the past. Will this really work for me?

A. Absolutely! Remember, this is very different from most of the business opportunities that exist these days. This program was created by people just like you, who finally discovered the real keys to lasting financial freedom.

This system allows you to begin raking in giant profits within the first two weeks of getting started. We’ve removed all the obstacles that stop the average person from creating a realistic 5-figure monthly income within their first 45-60 days.

We have countless members who routinely get multiple Level 5 ($5,000), Level 6 ($10,000), Level 7 ($15,000) and Level 8 ($20,000) commissions each week – which makes earning $50,000 a month or more almost effortless. And with our team of professionals closing all the sales, there’s no confusion or guesswork involved. You’ll find this to be the easiest and simplest business you’ve ever been involved with.

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Q. What are your products? And are these kinds of programs legal?

A. Yes, absolutely. We are a business training company serving both entrepreneurs and small business owners. We offer a huge selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey.

The high-ticket direct sales industry has been around for decades. It is part of one of the oldest business models known under commercial law. We are affiliated with the 2 billion-dollar annual information licensing industry. We understand that it’s sometimes hard to decide whom to work with and trust. And that is why we hold very high standards of ethical behavior and expect the same from our members. With years of feedback from the industry’s biggest 6-figure a month earners, we are certain of what it takes to succeed while working from home.

Furthermore, this program is not MLM, network marketing or cash gifting. It’s also not some program with a crazy compensation plan that’s impossible to understand. With this, you are not required to have any sales skills, technical knowledge or experience. You are also not required to build a downline or have some massive organization of distributors.

In the clearest terms, the Automation Riches program is considered a “top-tier direct sales” business that operates completely hands-free. What this means is that, unlike most other opportunities of this nature, you are not required to do any selling, explaining or convincing. Our trained professionals and automated website does 100% of the work, all while the commissions come directly to you.

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Q. What are the company admin fees used for?

A. Great question! The company admin fees are used for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they cover the cost of the professionally trained closers we employ to handle every aspect of the sales process. These closers earn a certain percentage based on how many sales they close, and also at what level they close them at. This works in your favor, ensuring that these closers stay highly motivated with the incentives to get you the best results possible.

In fact, we’ve designed it so that the more money you make, the more money they make. So you can rest assured that they are always doing the best job possible to maximize your commissions. We make sure they are paid well for what they do, which guarantees they work tirelessly on your behalf… A total win-win for everyone involved. The rest of the fee is used for website maintenance, as well as to cover at least a small portion of the built-in advertising feature we recently added for you.

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Q. Do I need a P.O. Box to get started?

A. No, we do not recommend a P.O. Box. We only recommend that you use your home address or a mailbox that offers a real street address, such as a UPS Store mailbox. Having a UPS Store address allows you to have secure, 24-hour access to your mail and packages. You’ll be able to pick up your mail when it’s convenient for you; all while your packages stay safe and confidential. You’ll also get package notification, which alerts you by text or email whenever mail arrives for you.

Most importantly, the UPS Store accepts packages from all carriers (including FedEx), which means your cash commissions will always arrive safely and be accepted.

The UPS Store will also hold your mail until you are ready to pick it up, or they will forward it to you, wherever you are. You can always just use your home address if you choose. However, the benefits (especially for those who value their privacy) of having a UPS Store mailbox cannot be overlooked. The UPS Store has location everywhere, and so they most likely have one in your area. Google the words “UPS Store near (your zip code)” and they will show up. If not, Google “private mailbox rental near (your zip code)” and see what comes up.

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Q. I understand there is a one-time enrollment cost. Are there any other costs?

A. There are no other costs or monthly fees. As long as you enroll within the 48-hour time limit, you will get FREE postcards mailed out on your behalf to jumpstart your daily income. The amount of postcards mailed depends on which of the 8 levels you enroll at. Any other advertising done is up to you.

You can always choose to have our recommended letter shop do more mailings for you, which increases your daily income. Prices start at just $75 per 100 mailings, which is very affordable. There are several pricing options available. These options will be made available in the Quick Start material you receive immediately after you enroll.

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Q. How do the postcards look that will be used for my FREE mailings?

A. Here are four of our most current postcard designs – all professionally created by the industry’s top copywriters. They are proven to get you the maximum results possible. See below:

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Q. How much can I earn with these postcard mailings?

A. We are continually testing different postcard designs in order to shatter current response rates. See below for an example of what you can earn:

500 postcards mailed is 5 to 10 sales @ $500 = $2,500 to $5,000 in profits!

1,000 postcards mailed is 10 to 20 sales @ $500 = $5,000 to $10,000 in profits!

2,000 postcards mailed is 20 to 40 sales @ $500 = $10,000 to $20,000 in profits!

5,000 postcards mailed is 50 to 100 sales @ $500 = $25,000 to $50,000 in profits!

Note: The above example shows your earnings with just the minimum commission of $500. But remember, each sale closed for you is worth $500, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or even $20,000. This means your earnings could potentially be much higher. Also, the above illustration is based on the industry standard 1-2% response rate. Results may vary.

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Q. Okay, I’m ready to get started. What is my next move?

A. It’s easy to get started. Simply decide on what Level you want to begin at. There are 8 Levels to choose from. Choose your Level, and then click here to enroll right now.

Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll immediately get your own “Referral ID Number.” Step-by-step instructions to get started receiving commissions will be provided. You’ll also get access to our mind-blowing digital product package.

Important Note: Please feel free to email our Customer Care Team with any other questions you may have. We are here to assist you in any way possible.

Call us right now at 1-800-515-6207 if you have further questions.

Or, for the fastest response, email us at

Or, if you are ready to get started right now, click here to enroll.

P.S. – When you enroll within the next 48 hours only, you’ll get postcards sent out with your “Referral ID Number” on them – absolutely FREE.

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